Ryan Tanguma's Studio

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Welcome to my website, みんな. Here you can see the original projects that I am and will be working on, as well as chat with other members in the chatroom, and ask questions about almost anything in the forums.

About me

I am an independent mangaka/animator who is working on two, original mangas and animations called "Final Oblivion" and "P...... ..a.o..." I enjoy listening to a large variety of music, except for (C)rap and Screamo. My playlist consists mainly of Japanese music, though. I am aiming to move to Japan in the future, once I know I'm ready to move. I can read, speak, and write Japanese at a decent level, but I know I still need improvement in a higher level of conversation skills. Watching anime isn't going to help much with improving it. My favorite movies are those done by みやざき、はやおーさま (Miyazaki, Hayao-sama), "Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children," "Bleach" movies, "Naruto" movies, and "Pokemon" movies. I don't really have a favorite food, aside from loving to eat my mom's cooking, T-bone steak, pizza, and some fast foods. My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, which I've drank since I was 10 years old, and the end of Dr. Pepper will most likely result in the end of the world. (Obviously a joke, but I will flip out.) XD.

About my animation progress

I will never know when I'll have new episodes released, but I can always estimate when I'll release them. I will have progress bars showing how close they are to being completed.

1: No fighting. People have too much to worry about to be wasting their time fighting.

2: No sexually explicit material. If I find any pictures or links to something of the sort, you will be banned from the site, your account will be deleted, and your IP address will be blocked from here.

3: No advertising without my consent. If you want to self-promote your site, ask me before doing so. Otherwise, you'll be banned. If your site passes my requirements, I'll let you.

4: No role-playing. Do that on a role-playing site.